Professor of Marketing Janell Townsend, Ph. D., was named Department Chair, Management and Marketing. (photo) 

Associate Professor of Economics Ron Tracy, Ph.D., was named Chair of the Economics Department.

Karen Markel, Ph. D., professor of marketing and former department chair, who accepted the position of Dean of the College of Business and Public Policy at The University of Alaska. 

In The News

Following Starbucks announcement that it would close stores across the nation for one day to conduct racial-bias education, The Detroit Free Press talked with Dr. Townsend about customer relationships and brand reputation. 

Research co-authored by Assistant Professor of Management Caitlin Demsky, Ph.D., on how working with rude people can destroy your sleep — and how to stop it, received international media attention on radio, TV and in publications such as Newsweek. The research was published in The Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 

Professor of Economics Jonathan Silberman, Ph. D., shared his expertise with local news outlets on trending issues such as stock market reaction to tariffs, gas price increases and tax reform impact on the mortgage industry. (photo)In the wake of the Facebook data privacy issue with Cambridge Analytica, Professor of Management Information Systems Tom Lauer, Ph.D., talked to WDIV-TV4 about internet privacy. The interview was picked up on stations across the nation.