Professors Joy Jiang and Frank Cardimen led a group of Oakland undergraduate business students on a whirlwind trip to the Czech Republic and England where they learned about the European Union and the Euro.

In Prague, students got a feel for the renewed sense of entrepreneurship following the country’s transformation from communism to capitalism. In England, the group gained perspective on how Brexit will affect the economy of the UK and EU, as well as visited businesses. 

“It’s an eye-opening experience, especially for our students who tend to be local, they tend to be born and raised in this area and don’t have actual exposure to a foreign culture,” says Jiang. 

The students agree the trip opened their eyes to new cultures and experiences, allowing them to see the interconnection of globalization, business, culture and politics. “Before this trip I didn’t think a career abroad was an option. But after this trip it became a lot more realistic,” says Jahnavi Gudi, finance major.