May 1, 2018– The latest single for CJ Teffner, “Stars,” shows everything he’s worked towards as a musician. Off his upcoming EP Stars, the emotional and haunting ballad showcases the incredible instrumentalist Teffner is alongside vocalist Robin Cage’s vocals.

From massive dynamic builds to an epic guitar solo, Teffner puts everything he can do as an instrumentalist on the table in “Stars.” Haunting vocals from Cage perfectly mix creating a modern yet classic rock feel to the track.

“Stars,” much like Teffner’s other tracks on the EP, showcase a vulnerable and personal set of songs. It’s a collection that represents years of personal growth.

“The song Stars doesn’t have the word ‘stars’ in the chorus, it’s in a line in the last verse ‘like stars up above, there was never a doubt,’” says Teffner. “It sums up my feelings about these songs and their intentions.”

While it’s not easy to pour everything one’s soul has into an album, Teffner has done just this on Stars. Finding the courage to break through and show the world an album that was five years in the making. It’s an album that is relatable to anyone that listens to it, meaning there’s something for everyone to take away from it.

Stars will be officially released on June 22, 2018.