What is product management?

A product manager leads the process of product development– from idea to execution. In addition, product managers create success through their leadership, organization and communication skills. As an organizational role, it’s found at companies that create products or technology for use. Product managers hold responsibilities that are both tactile and […] Read More

What is 3D printing?: A Beginners Guide

The world of 3D printing is a rapidly growing, expanding, and changing web of technology, software, and materials. 3D printing is the innovative technology process that makes three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Today, 3D printers allow you to create anything you can imagine while offering amazing results. […] Read More

Meet the BigRep PRO

Meet the PRO, the latest German engineered 3D printer from BigRep. The BigRep PRO is expertly engineered to provide your company with advanced technology to print large objects with industrial-grade materials. The PRO is perfect for manufacturing environments.

Cut the Cord and Stream Everything

Streaming is every millennial’s wet dream. From the starting days of Netflix snail-mailing you DVDs to years later where you can search, find and click to watch whatever may interest you at that very second.  Netflix has been the Tesla of streaming services. Circumventing cable companies by having no commercials […] Read More