About Me

Hi, I'm Starr!

Starr Brown is a journalist, social media expert, public relations enthusiast, and marketing professional who enjoys working with brands and publications of all sizes to produce meaningful online content that readers will love.

Previously, Starr has written for Indie Band Guru and Obsessxns, both music blogs. These platforms enabled her the independence and creativity to explore and find her voice online. As an avid music listener and explorer, blogging about music provided a creative outlet throughout her college career.

Starr has also worked for Oakland University in various marketing positions, teaching her how to write and create with a brand in mind. This experience inspired Starr. She now aspires to work in positions that empower her to write and create for established brands and help small business find their brand voice.

Starr holds a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism from Oakland University. Here, she found her passion for social media, public relations, and marketing while doing what she loved most– writing.

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